• The Bra Wonder: How underwear unites women

    Bras are a wonderful thing. They keep us pert and pointing in the right direction, whether they’re plain and supportive for going to the gym or sexy and suggestive for those nights when a lucky person might get a sneak peak.

    But as much as they are a staple of life for women in the west, our fellow females in many developing countries do not even own one bra, yet alone have an underwear drawer full of possibilities.

    The lack of such a basic item of clothing comes as a shock to many of us, which is why the Bra Bank campaign was such a huge success.

    It would be uncomfortable enough having to sit at a desk swinging free all day – just imagine the aches and pains if you had to go bra-less while harvesting crops, carrying water or playing with your children.

    For millions of women, this lack of basic support is not about boosting the cleavage or creating the perfect silhouette; it is about health.

    Which is why the Bra Bank initiative called on women across the UK to donate an unwanted bra so it could be sent to the Villages of Hope charity.

    More than 18,000 pieces of underwear were sent in, and they have made a real difference to the lives of women in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

    Now, with our support and that of a proper bra, our fellow females thousands of miles away are living happier, healthier lives. No longer do they have to suffer with back, neck and chest pain, and they can get on with their daily routine in far greater comfort.

    We women are a wonderful breed, and it has been a real delight to see mums, daughters, sisters, aunties and grandmas across the UK give up something they take for granted to give others a little piece of luxury.

    Never again will I moan about a strap pinging off or a wire digging into my ribs!


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