• Set up a mini economy & change lives? Join our Build-An-Income programme.

    We want to set up 50 mini economies in rural African communities by the end of 2013.

    Why? Because we’re committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and we believe passionately that this is one way to do that.

    We’re talking about people who have no choice but to live hand-to-mouth, day after day. They are locked in poverty with no way out, and have no options to borrow responsibly.

    We all know the importance of living within our means, saving for a rainy day and investing wisely in our businesses and homes. But for millions in developing countries these things are just not feasible.

    We’re starting these projects in Kenya. Operated by a group of villagers, the ‘Build-An-Income’ idea is that the trustees pay in savings of 200 shillings each (around £1.50) into a community pot. People can then request loans from the pot and their repayments are carefully arranged and monitored, with interest helping to swell the coffers.

    This allows them to finance each other by working collectively. Each individual has very little cash to spare, but together they can help the whole community.

    The money is often used to buy seeds, pay for school uniforms or for travelling for work or to market. By giving people access to these basic things they can begin to improve their lives.

    It’s all taken very seriously, and rightly so. The group are very careful about loans and repayments and incredibly aware of security, never keeping large amounts of cash and meeting in a different place each month.

    But of course, there is never enough money for all the people in need of a loan.

    And this is where you come in. With more than 70% of Africa’s poorest people living in rural areas millions are reliant on the land and have little chance of finding employment.

    The aim of ‘Build-An-Income’ is to create a sustainable model for increasing incomes. It gives them the chance to save and to increase the prosperity of their whole community.

    Here’s how the scheme works:

    • We set up, from scratch, a new mini economy in a rural economy. A group of people are trained how to run and manage the scheme safely and we give them all the materials they need, such as cash books.

    • Each month, every one of the 15 people on the panel pays in a small amount of 200 Kenyan shillings (about £1.50). Then the team looks at requests for loans from the community and prioritises these according to need (e.g. feeding children on school-related things are always given priority). Most often loans are for children or to set up or run small businesses such as buying seeds to grow crops.

    • Very minimal interest is charged and any funds go back into the community pot.

    • The community panel discuss each loan request and check pay-back schemes to help safeguard borrowers.

    ‘Build An Income’ is run by the community, for the community, and opens up all sorts of opportunities for people. They are simply unable to borrow money elsewhere so the cycle of poverty is inescapable.

    Tangible business benefits

    We focus on harnessing the talents of your staff to help others improve their lives through community mentoring and interaction.

    We can set up a scheme for a whole community from just £500 - a small investment for such a massive return for the people in need.

    - Fully project managed, meaning little time is required on your part. We look after the whole project from start to finish.

    - Branding opportunities – your logo on project materials such as cash books.

    - PR collateral – we’ll provide you with a press release and high res media ready images.

    - Opportunity to visit beneficiary projects – If you want to get really hands-on, we can take you out with us to start your scheme. This would include training and getting to know the community.

    Want to get involved?

    Email hello@flamingo-creative.co.uk or call us on 0117 973 90 19 for more details.


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