• Happy Times

    How happy are you and what makes you smile? With World Happiness Day fast approaching (February 11th), we decided to find out.

    Polling people from all walks of life and right across the UK, our poll showed that on average, we Brits rank our happiness at 7.5/10. The most miserable amongst us were found in Swansea, whereas the highest concentration of smiley, happy people are in Bournemouth - with a 8.5 happiness score.

    Happy triggers range from a blissful hot bath to clear blue skies. For teacher Katy it's time with her family, for builder Rob, it's a footie match with the boys or for driver Pete, it’s simply a good night’s sleep!

    Most of us have an interest or hobby that lifts the spirits – several people listed running and sports as mood enhancers, but in contrast others opted for treats as their pick-me up (chocolate ranked highly!). For some lucky people, it's our jobs that bring us fulfillment, but time and again, family and friends are the most cited source of happiness.


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